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God’s got a gambling addiction and this world is like Vegas.

Okay okay, so this was a strange request because I didn’t intend to cover it initially.
I was just ranting about how much I loved Nyamai’s cover and then…well…she appeared! And even encouraged me to sing it!
*head bursts into confetti*
So I’m sorry, but I’m gonna rant again.

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Original Music & Lyrics: Yuzuhico
PV: Shio

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My first life was so boring just forget mentioned it
And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn’t
Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone
In my fourth, I played piano but just didn’t have the eyes to read the notes

In my fifth life, I supported girls – of course that wasn’t all
My sixth life was corrupted though I guess it was little fun
Seventh life I cried so much and all I did was mourn
In my eighth life, was so rich I could’ve bought the world and EVERYTHING

In this life is a game played by a flaky god
He gambles every life
Try to escape but you know the path you’re on is game and set

See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us like we’re acting out a show
Throw the dice and let’s see which head will roll…

By nine, I drew some manga but the deadlines left me dead
My tenth life was a teacher, as a pedo***** I worked part time
Next life, what, eleven? Sorry I try to forget…
Never could describe how awful – no I’m terrified to think of all

The things that such a die can do, kinda crazy
Deciding everyday
Try to escape but the days repeat and keep you here to stay

See how the game of life is never won, you only play
Bore him and you will find you’re crumpled up and thrown away
Clinging to fate and blaming it when life won’t go your way
Such a laugh HA! Life is just a game

Cry out all your eyes or win a new fortune
The chance is one out of six
Try to escape, why not try your luck and see what you may get?

See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us like we’re acting out a show
Throw the dice and let’s see which head will roll…

Sickly grinning downward, tosses out a pair of dice
Cheating way around the board “Ah this is paradise”
People praying on their knees but no there to hear
Ah look down at all the puppets here
Ah look up at all the puppeteers

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  1. It's true life is a game and there is one person who decides who wins and who loses In this case its miku.

  2. The line where it says I played the piano but just didn’t have eyes to read the lines is just like me since I love playing the piano but I’m slowly going blind

  3. last year I did not think much of it 0:49 the first thing I thought of now was SIMP, what is quarantine doing to me.

  4. Me and my friend sang this in karaoke and the teacher was like who wants to go next with a song not about death

  5. これは米欄まじで外国人しかいないんやな(外国人ってグッド稼ぎとかしないで感想しか書かないんだ)


  6. this is my perception of the song is, its about a girl at first she never knew how to do anything, and she had these imaginations of different lives, she was hurt by many people and she would imagine these lives to get away from her reality, "but the days repeat to keep you to stay" her reality gets worse and worse even if she tries to stop the habit of making these imaginations she can't stop cause it just gets worse and worse, she starts to have hallucinations of these lives making her believe those lives are her actual reality,, the second life saying she could do all the things her first life didn't let her do, she killed her problems (literally) and got to do these different things, after she got bored of that she moves on to the others, that's why she calls it the game of life.


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