2 Buffalo police officers face criminal charges in shoving of 75-year-old protester


Two Buffalo police officers face criminal charges in the shoving of a 75-year-old protester who fell and cracked his head, ABC News has learned.

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  1. That fall looked artificially staged so he ended up self injuring plus if that doofus can't see the sense to get the hell out of the way it means in all his 75 years he has not one grain of wisdom. When the Great President of the 🇺🇸 sides with the officers that's a sure sign something is amiss with the WHOLE FRICKING OPTICS of this. That 75 year old was a troublemaker who should have been at home doing CROSSWORD PUZZLES and watching COLUMBO. not demonstrating

  2. Who are you going to call when you need help? Ghost busters Previous incident on record. Man had stroke. Someone called 911 for help. Officers came, took him to jail, and beat him to death. This is why people are feed up.

  3. Hey, turns out. This guy was outed as a KNOWN antifa agitator who constantly brags on his blog about how much he harasses police and gets away with it. Aaaannnnnnnd Trump was right again.
    Interesting how most 'news" outlets covering this are turning off their comments. Convenient.

  4. i saw something different. I saw police marching together somewhat rapidly and Gugino marched into their midst standing about 2-3 feet taller to the cop he targeted and then pushed a device in his hand against the cop's abdomen while seemingly asking or speaking to the short cop.  It happened  fast and  when the VERY TALL Gugino pushed the device against the cop's right-side of abdomen, the cop acted apparently instinctively to push the giant away. The giant Gugino  surprisingly had what looked like an exaggerated  backward movement and then fell backward which did not really seem to be a logical event. The media like to lie and report 2 cops pushed the 75 y.o. man to the ground. What to do about a consolidated monopoly massmedia  new that lies compulsively, daily and formulates hoaxes and psy-ops?My guess is that it was a friend and cohort of the giant Gugino who by arrangement had video recorded the events knowing that the cop would react when he was technically assaulted by the giant . It is very unusual in my experience [almost as elderly as Gugino the  holy protester] for anyone to approach a cop, much less one moving in a formation of cops obviously deployed to some other destination , and tower over him while pushing a hand held object against the cops right side of  abdomen or any other part of the body. He might as well have grabbed the cop's groin so surprising is such behavior.Most Americans  it seems are at a point where they do what the media tells them to do, and believe what the media tells them to believe and are seemingly unaware of the preposterous daily drivel of lies  are other than revealed truth. When did the intense mind conditioning take place to make people like this?

  5. Just resigned from that particular branch? Why not just outright quit policing altogether to be replaced by decent human beings?😠👎🏾

  6. Have the 57 who resigned investigated for previous actions and filed cases.The skeletons in their respective closets will show.

  7. Whatever happened to Cops like Andy Griffith & Bill Gillespie? 🙄 I know they're fictional TV characters but they portrayed respectable,descent,common sense lawmen with principles & love for their follow man. I miss those shows😔

  8. Are they charging the right two men? The officer directly confronted started by putting up his baton but I feel like the officer who charged from behind exacerbated the incident. The officer to the right pushed forcibly with his hand. The responses after the fall also indicate some characteristics – the officer directly confronted was immediately motivated to assist but the aggressive one pushed him away while the other one just put his head down and tried to walk away……

  9. Cowards .. picking up on seniors*Pick on a guy your Size. This ain't your job ,quit, resign get out of our communitys. *we the people need good kind hearted💙💜🧡 Policemans NOT COWARDS 🐮🐮..

  10. I knew the whole thing was fake with the perfect video recording and then purposefully not filming the part where he had to protect his head from smacking the concrete.

  11. Glad they resigned… POS …. I hope non of their father's are ever treated that way. And if they are … I hope they are as complicit

  12. Yes they can resign….who need killers. And they are supporting killers. The man could have been dead right now. Who need the officers.

  13. Yes! Thank you! Please charge these officers! Suspension is NOT enough, it’s barely punishment. What if a “normal” citizen was to shove a cop to the ground? What would happen then? You’d be arrested and charged at the very least. Well, cops should be treated NO DIFFERENT. Everyone is tired of the double standard. Cops get away with SO MUCH and we are saying NO MORE. They need to be charged and treated as “regular” citizens, they are NOT above the law!!

  14. It's truly to the point where citizens are no longer safe due to a beyond corrupt law enforcement system, People will continue to be harassed abused and murderd by police officers until we continue to stand and develop a new system

  15. Watch videos where they don't blur out his head. Look closer and you might ask yourself a couple of questions… What is that yellow thing coming from underneath his mask and going into his ear? Why does he immediately clutch at that black thing strapped to his chest with his left hand after dropping the helmet?


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