Administrator Account – Enable or Disable in Windows 10


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This video shows you how to enable or disable built-in elevated Administrator Account in Windows 10

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  1. Damn I have to enter the adminstartor passoword so i can enter? That thing.

    nOT tryina hack any computers but my dad made that admin pass and he…. yeah-

    And nobody knows the pass

  2. Thank you so much I got. A virus and it attached to my admin acc and I was able to delete it with the crosh thank you so so so much

  3. We can not run any programs as administrator not powershell nor command promp nothing! Windows can not access c drive! Access is denied.. no admin powers at all…. cant even restart from fresh

  4. hello sir, i have problem when i type command net user Administrator /active:yes
    message system error 5 has occurred.
    Access is denied

  5. It shows when I try to open windows powershell enter an admin password but there is no rectangle to enter one and I dont even know my pass
    For admin and user

  6. ok, I followed the tutorial now I have a user account named administrator (which I don't want, I want only me on the computer). How do I delete the admin account?

  7. When I run command prompt as an administrator nothing happens same for something else like the change user account control settings

  8. I'm the only user, the only admin and when i turn on my PC i can't uninstall antiviruses that my sister installed… wtf is this shit. "need administrator perms"…

  9. Hey bro what to do if my it teacher/ the admin access my computer (labs computers ) how do I disconnect using keys ?


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