Buffalo officers charged with felony in protestor shove


Two Buffalo police officers were arraigned on Saturday on felony assault charges after a viral video showed them shoving an elderly protestor who remains critically injured after a march against racism.


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  1. first off what was that old man doing there, you know an i know he was wanting to be shoved on camera, was he paid good.

  2. So the only way to get them to charge cops is to catch them on camera and make the video viral? This is beyond pathetic!

  3. Those other cops that resigned in protest did the right thing…. the police force Doesn't Need them anymore anyway!!!! They're weeding themselves right Out!!! And they Do Not have the right temperament for the job Anyway!!!!! So good Riddance!!!

  4. Cuomo is the real criminal. He's a power tripping weak sociopath.
    Cops were told to do their job, they did it and a dumb old man fell on his own.

  5. IF We as a Black people dont straighten Up,, Trump is going to Round us all up and send us all back to Africa! Which I think will work out,, Because we can kill each other over there without repercussions, and noone can Cry Racism!


  7. Get out the way, move ! A line of cops comes at you with intent to clear the streets. What do you do?
    A: get out the damn way!
    B: walk through calmly
    C: stand aside and let them pass
    D: none of the above, approach and mock the men with guns

    Lol dumbass. He deserved to be on ground. He is old enough to know better.

  8. The Constitution guarantees that we are all held accountable to the same set of laws… Putting on a uniform is not a way to make ones self immune to the application of the law, and I think society is starting to wake up to the fact that there is a fundamental double standard we are seeing played out in the "us versus them" , where it should be "we"… All held to the same level of accountability.

  9. I can’t believe they even had supporters like the audacity of these people protesting for them is amusing. Did they not see the VIDEO??? Is an elderly man that could’ve been their father or the grandfather of their children!! Wonder if they would’ve been protesting then. Smh.

  10. I can’t believe they even had supporters like the audacity of these people protesting for them. Did they not see the VIDEO??? Is an elderly man that could’ve been their father or grandfather of their children!! Wonder if they be protesting then. Smh.

  11. SAD TO BE THE POLICE IN BUFFALO They saved our lives when we had bad car accident…….I say there is more to this story god bless the injured man and hope the police officers get a chance …………..this is sickening for both parties…. I am happy to say the Buffalo Police still keep us safe all these years when i lived there ..!!

  12. The 57 who resigned, didn't do it out of support for the two arrested cops. They resigned because their police union decided they wouldn't be paying for the cops' legal defenses any longer.
    They were selfish resignations. And they didn't quit the force, just the riot squad.

  13. If I was the Buffalo Police Chief, I would accept all 57 police officers claim for resignation and change it to " YOUR FIRED! " and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

  14. in my life time i have learn not to approach a group of marching officers who have already giving instructions to move back , and i dare not try to touch the officer as this guy did. The officer had no ideal what the old guys intentions was. People better learn to get away from these situations instead of thinking they have special power thinking they can defuse the issue. if these cities where not so screwed up with crime and drug heads everyone would not be on the edge.

  15. An unwarranted overreaction to appease the Socialist Left with an eventual acquittal all but guaranteed. The 75 year old coot was a known agitator, was seen scheming with the photographer before the incident, and was physically interfering with the officers. The officers barely tapped him. Just one of the job hazards of being a professional protestor at 75 years old.

  16. Dont worry it was a white guy that git hurt so they will be released and cgarges dropped soon. They will just get another police job in another state.

  17. Charge every single offier that stepped over that man like a piece of trash 😠 xx hope your well soon sir god bless xx

  18. All 57 members of the Buffalo tactical unit should be federally blacklisted from any law enforcement career in the future. You walk right past a senior citizen bleeding out, that should be an instant disqualification of your status.

  19. Im glad to see that they resigned , officers like that show the gang mentality and abusive attitudes that have become so common place that they are trained in how to lie about it on reports and in court rooms , its time for a new breed of police officers with compassion and descalation , training ,
    More weapons, more combat tactics , more equipment is just fueling the fire and amping up the confrontational nature of our police now


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