Business English lesson – Working at the office


Business English Vocabulary lesson with subtitles – Working at the office

In this Business English class, I teach you lots of new English words related to working in an office. This is useful if you want to learn or improve your business English.

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    IELTS online course ->

  2. Thank u this video. It was so useful for me. I want to know " run out of " is described just only liquid? Because your examples ( water, ink, soup) are liquid. Thank in advance

  3. Andrew, thank you so very much for this video! I love the way you teach. I love this method with pictures, some words, some phrases. It is easier to learn new vocabulary. Thank you!!!

  4. Crown English is the most precise and detailed English learning programme that I’ve ever seen. I can go through the words for all the tools which may be presented in the office.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    I am surprised again, because when you spoke about the ruler, you spoke about: "centimeters"????
    Why ???? Because, to my mind, English people didn't want to use the metric systeme????

    It is amazing !!!! and typical English . Probably because of bussiness, you adopt it….

    Best regards,


  6. Hi Andrew,

    I am surprised when I was listening to your lesson because when you was saying : "printer" I was hearing" princer" the samething for "To print" I heard "to prince".???
    Is it me or, is it right??? I don't hear a "tttt" but a "sss" sound????

    Thank you very much,

    Best regards,


  7. Thank you, I needed a refresh in vocabulary about secretary and administrative environment. (I'm going to subscribe)

    It would be also useful to have a list of tasks or technical expressions, like Pivot table, to schedule an appointment, collection of debds, accounting reports… the kind of things we list on a resume or curriculum. Thank you.

  8. definitely thank you for the great lessons..I have seen so many words so importat that I didn't know .and I think I'll get to subscribe right away and click a like as wellcourse

  9. it was great. I learnt a lot. thanks. here is a question how can I save this video to watch it later again?

  10. I see you message of two weeks ago, I am looking forward to see your new videos, anyway thanks for your lessons, you are a good teacher👍🏻😉


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