Dunder Mifflin is A Quiet Place – The Office US


Jim (John Krasinski) really is determined to keep people quiet…

From Season 8, Episode 11 ‘Trivia’ Andy gets the office involved in a trivia contest; Dwight explores job opportunities at Sabre headquarters.

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  1. I wonder if people working in customer care can do it.. i mean one time i was working late night shift and i was alone in the floor and didny get any calls for like 10pm to 1am.. idk if that counts

  2. I love it when Dwight picks up the phone and Jim's expression is like "Oh… here it is, it couldn't last forever after all…" but when Dwight hangs up he's genuinely surprised, impressed and admires his pal being a true bro

  3. Okay but I love how andy gets so excited about the raccoon eating a hamburger, stuff like is this why he’s my favourite character

  4. The fact that, at 0:30, the pen noises do not correspond to the writing, or the time it would take to write 14 min! with a double underlining, annoys me way more than it should.


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