Evaluate your marketing activities


Different marketing activities appeal to (and work for) different people.

Therefore, nobody outside of you can tell you which single marketing activity is “best” for you and your business.

You can certainly be supported by a coach, but if you want to find your ideal marketing plan, you must experiment with a variety of activities, then observe your own reactions to it, as well as any results, and then determine for yourself which marketing activities serve you best.

The key is to evaluate your own marketing actions!

★ Here’s a template to help you do this:

(Notice that there are 2 tabs in the template: Enrollment — for client acquiring activities, and Content — for platform building and your own growth)

Go to the template above — or use your own — and brainstorm all the marketing activities you could do.

In the template, I’ve given you some ideas to start, but the sky is the limit re: what kinds of marketing activities you can do, that could be amazing for you, so feel free to be creative!

Take on a marketing activity as a project for a few weeks or months.

(Perhaps you could try 2 very different enrollment activities at once, and 2 very different content activities. The reason to make them very different is so that it provides a contrast for you to evaluate both your enjoyment, and the results.)

Then evaluate them by putting in scores for each item.

The point is not to be perfect at scoring, but rather, make you think about what you actually ought to be prioritizing, or de-prioritizing.

May this template bring you all the clients and audience members you long for!


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