GameLine: Wonders of the Retro Gaming World


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Remembering the GameLine (Atari Compendium):

GameLine (Wikipedia):

The Source (online service)(Wikipedia):

GameLiner PDF’s (Atari Compendium):

The Game Archaeologist: GameLine (engadget):

GameLine Master Module (Atari Mania):

Dial-A-Game (ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 4 / JULY 1983):

Save the Whales (Atari Protos):

The Story of a Pathological Entrepreneur (IT MANAGEMENT AND CLOUD BLOG):

A Net Before the Web, Part 4: The Rogue, the Yuppie, and the Soldier (The Digital Antiquarian):

1982-12-10 Network Research – Mattel (

Electronic Games, June 1983. Pages 32-36, 125-126
GameLiner, September 1983
GameLiner, October 1983
Infoworld, May 30th, 1983. Pages 3-4
Infoworld, October 31st, 1983. Page 139
Infoworld, April 2nd, 1984. Page 63
Infoworld, May 21st, 1984. Page 14

***Video Sources***

Atari VCS/2600 GameLine Master Module (CVC) footage:

How to send an ‘E mail’ – Database – 1984:

CompuServe TV commercial:

Atari 2600 commercial December 17 1977:

VIDEO FEVER – Games People Play from ABC news LA about arcade video games recorded in 1982:

MasterCard and Me – Vintage Credit Card Commercial – Jingle (1980):

Old Southwestern Bell Commercial (1980s):

Vintage Q-Link (AOL) Promotion Video (1986):


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  1. Thanks for producing this video. You can tell a lot of research was put into it. It deserves so many more views than it has.

  2. Awesome as always Brendan. Thing that makes me wonder is with the rapidly advancing digital age of the last 35 – 40 years (yes I know you’re not that old but some of us are) is why online gaming and VR was a thing in the 80’s but didnt advance through to the early 2000’s or later. We took supersonic flights between America and Europe in the 70’s but planes slowed down and didn’t advance even now like the concord. Maybe a tip for another video perhaps as to why old techs didn’t advance?!?

  3. Very interesting and informative, thanks for this great documentary. I have to say this was totally new to me. Oh, and I like the relaxing backround-music. 🙂


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