GTA 3 – Ending / Final Mission – The Exchange (HD)


Grand Theft Auto III Final Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Mission No. 067

Location: Shoreside Vale, Liberty City

Mission Name:
– The Exchange
– L’échange (Français)
– Die übergabe (Deutsch)
– Lo scambio (Italiano)
– El intercambio (Español)

Mission Boss: Claude Speed / Catalina ===================================

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  1. I don't get all that hate for catalina tbh. Lmao I love her as a villain and character in general I just wished they gave her at least a little more character development in GTA 3.

  2. This mission is quite easy compared with some previous missions but it sucks that I hoarded a lot of ammo and explosives just to be taken away in the end.

    I stormed the place with a Rhino then I got off of the thing to catch some ammo, when I turned the camera back it vanished.

  3. Fun and sad fact : GTA 3 was the first 3D era GTA game but this mission. was the last 3D era mission

  4. So 1992 story of GTA San Andreas you remember? had seen Catalina dumping CJ and started dating Claude …

  5. Catalina was matured, if only by not saying the f bomb or swore often. So far she is the same, quick to dump men for petty feelings

  6. I think who shot who was cj shooting Claude because when in the mission when you go to the garage cj wanted to kill Claude so that’s my theory

  7. Anyone else realized too late that they saved the game with the rioting pedestrian code? This mission is impossible after that

  8. Those who played GTA San Andreas first then later played GTA III they'll be really satisfied after killed Catalina because after all the player had to gothrough all those harrasment of Catalina in GTA San Andreas.

  9. Have you ever noticed the Colombian that Claude punches also appears in the introduction sequence? And what's even more interesting he actually died back there.

  10. Grand theft auto changed my life lmao. This was the first video game I ever owned. Vice city was out at the time, but for some reason my parents thought 3 would be less violent lol. Praying for a new release in the near future.

  11. I am having issues with this mission. In my 2 attempts so far I was killed ironically. First, I get in a vehicle which had a trap inside, after I put down the helicopter and everybody else. The second time, I do the same, and I even kill EVERYBODY else, and as soon as I make it to Maria, somebody comes from nowhere behind me with a flamethrower. After playing 4 and 5, it's kind of difficult to get used to the gameplay in this game, but it's still fun.

  12. Hawaiian shirt guy at 2:26 is a damn legend. So weird seeing him again twenty years later lmao. Killed him so many times!


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