Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Mobile Dreamy Vocal Gameplay Android / iOS Release


Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal by Tencent (Release Android / iOS) Gameplay video. (CN)
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Google Play: –
App Store:
Size: 1.68 GB, online needed.
Official page:
– You’ll need a QQ or WeChat accounts for playing;

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  1. Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal by Tencent (Release Android / iOS) Gameplay video. (CN)
    🚩Subscribe me: http://bit.ly/MikeFringe

  2. Why! I downloaded it and installed it but it said "Out of Stotage" but i have
    3.6 GB of space and my phone ver is
    7.1 Android!

  3. Knife's MV in Project diva:Cool Dancing skills and Alot of killing that doesn't show blood
    Knife's MV in Dreamy Vocal: Intense Swaying

  4. This is why never let project diva created by a company other than Sega and crypton…bandori can do better than this

  5. Hatsune miku is a vocaloid… Not a person. Right now? All she can see is pitch black with binary 1's and 0's in a terminal green color

  6. They blocked me in WeChat (apparently I was too good in this game). Could you help me? I need the phone number of one of the users WeChat for verification .. I would really appreciate it!


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