How Netflix's "Extraction" Engineered a 12-Minute, One-Shot Action Scene | War Stories


For today’s episode of War Stories, Ars Technica is joined by Sam Hargrave, director of the Netflix action film “Extraction.” Hargrave breaks down the technical challenges he and his crew overcame in conceiving, choreographing and executing a breathtaking, 12-minute action scene with star Chris Hemsworth. Taking lessons learned from his time as the stunt coordinator of blockbusters like “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: End Game” Hargrave engineered a kinetic and ambitious urban battle sequence – but needed to figure out how to capture it. Hear directly from the man behind the camera as he details every factor that needs consideration when stitching a series of chaotic set pieces into a single, uninterrupted shot.

Directed and Produced by Justin Wolfson.

EXTRACTION is available exclusively on Netflix, watch here:

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How Netflix’s “Extraction” Engineered a 12-Minute, One-Shot Action Scene | War Stories


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  1. We're excited to use the familiar War Stories format to explore the technical challenges found in film production – what did you think? Our gaming episodes will continue (of course!) but if you enjoyed this drop a note and we'll look to do more. To see this scene in context, head to Netflix where "Extraction" is available to stream now.

  2. there are so much more materials for a sequel, but the best moment in the movie imo is when Tyler beat those kids

  3. I think… are action movies back? Is Chris the new Arnie? Can Chris please be the new Arnie and you two just make a ton of action movies? Please? PLEASE? (Sorry for yelling)

  4. You deserve an award for you're a busy working this movie. I really hope it gets re-released in theaters it needs more attention tell friends don't sleep on this movie

  5. Man on fire meets John Wick.

    I was so impressed with this sequence that I had to go find out how it was made. One of the best action scenes I've ever seen.

  6. hate to say it, but the flames shooting out of suppressed guns made it pretty obvious that they were faked. The pistols were pretty well done though. CGI blood and particle effects are still no match for squibs and practical solutions, although this movie marks an improvement in that area. Overall the movie was a pretty impressive technical achievement, but CGI guns and blood still have a ways to go, imho. Also the sound was pretty strong, but still room for improvement. Hollywood still hasn't come anywhere near the shoot out in Heat after all these years.

  7. The movie is so freaking cool. Partway into the oner(is that how its spelled? Idk) I realized "Wow this is a oner!". I was trying to look for the stitches but I ended up getting so immersed, lol.
    It's awesome seeing all the work done to produce something of that quality, and I'm glad it was done very safely.

    Simply epic…

  8. Fantastic addition to the series. I'm glad you guys decided to apply the War Stories formula to the intricacies of making a feature film, and this episode subject was the best fit! I loved that sequence when watching the movie and it's a delight to see the BTS and the hurdles and solutions Hargrave and his team came out with. Fantastic video.

  9. loved the movie classical action , and also one-shot 12 minute sequence with car chase was unimaginable. Just that story little simple and also the area and location was not that much used fully . otherwise loved it waiting for part 2

  10. After watching half of extraction I turned it off it was nothing but one giant gunfight, no story. Chris is a fine actor but he doesn't get to act at all in this.

  11. Was absolutely blown away by the scene when I saw it and have been looking for a behind the scenes like this. This was good but I felt there was more I wanted to know/see. Like shots of the cam operator diving in and out of the car, or to see the stunt driver actually driving. This has me wanting still.

  12. These are the kind of interviews I enjoy. When the general populace (Guilty is the one who says it) watches a movie they think solely of the main actors, but we tend to overlook the talent behind the screens that make everything possible. Thank you for the excellent watch; truly informative and inspiring!

  13. An excellent action movie, with superb direction and cinematography. It reminded me of Bourne Identity – steady camera, well timed sequences, great photography.

    This guy is worth keeping tabs on. Awesome work!!

  14. I prefer the game design ones, although I'd be interested in seeing stories about world design/actor skills (such as horse riding) that were necessary for film/tv.

  15. It's nice to have behind the scenes content for Netflix movies, great interview. Footage of that 'pod' car would be interesting!

  16. Great video, with lots of interesting technical information on how movies work. You can tell this guy really put his heart and soul into the movie. Great story at 1:23 ("When I was a young kid we had a VHS camera…") – We had a stack of boxes we would throw kids into, which would magically re-appear in many scenes of our home "action" movies. I think every kid imagines being an action movie star at some point… It's also interesting to hear the mix of old and new terminology – continuous shots vs the more digital-era "engineering" and "stitching" stuff together…

  17. I love what you all give to us! Yes this is a different topic but I absolutely love it. Of course I love your games war stories. They are so compelling and reveal a part of making games of over coming challenges that would of been lost if you all didn’t tell those stories. Keep it up.

  18. I'm kinda divided about this episode. I think the episode is fine and the content is fine, but I don't know if it should be part of the "War Stories" series. Yes the format works for film as well, but maybe it could be a part of it's own offshoot series that's called something else? Either way I thought it was a good episode.

  19. He's got a great eye for action but he really needs to know how to direct the performances we can relate to than just telegraph them.

  20. This guy directed (and partially produced?), filmed, performed as stunt AND actor in the same movie… this is ridiculous. Great job! I watched the movie and the sequence got really good, although, the seams are a little obvious 😛

  21. It's 36 shots each with multiple takes. That's not a one shot. Directors are deceiving audiences by calling it a one shot as people are thinking you did it all in ONE LONG SHOT when you DIDN'T.

  22. That was a great sequence, watched 2 days ago and yes …the attention to stunt details on this film is pretty impressive. The movie as a whole is an interesting one for an action movie because characters showed a lot of emotions and range.


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