How to Create a Winning Marketing Proposal that converts 80%


In this video I will reveal the “8 Steps to Creating A Proposal that wins clients like AT&T, Legal Zoom and Hitachi.” You will see the exact “business proposal template” that I used.

Get the Exact Proposal Template that I used. Customize my proposal template in minutes. Click here to get the proposal template:

Writing a winning marketing proposal is key to winning new business. Over the years, I have written many bad and good ones, but learned over time how to write winning proposals. This video training will give you all the elements to have in your winning proposal. From the logical progression, to the best way to tell your story.

Get the Exact Proposal Template that I used.
Click here to get the proposal template:


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  1. I feel as though proposals shouldn’t even be too long. Like excluding cover page and appendices, it should be about 5 pages. Imagine a boss of a company having to read through a ton of material while also having other pressing matters at hand

  2. okay so im starting to do tech reviews on youtube well got response back from one of the companies they asked me to email them a formal proposal ive never done one and dont even know where to start need help

  3. This was incredibly helpful Jason thanks. I've got 3 pages of notes on this one. My epic virgo'ish attention to detail really pays off when it comes to creating materials like this. I'm grateful for the suggestion to make the template so easy to apply to different proposals as opposed to recreating it from nearly scratch every time. I can see how much time that will save.

    Great video!

  4. Thank you very much Jason, I will definitely consider buying your proposal template in the near future, as this FREE video has already helped me a ton. 


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