How to Get Office 365 Free for Students


Learn how to get the Microsoft Office desktop apps for free, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, if you’re an eligible student or educator. All you need is a valid school email address. It’s not a trial – so get started today at

Even if you’re not eligible, I’ll show you how to use the Office web apps for free using

Thinking about subscribing to Office 365? Check the latest pricing on Amazon: (as a disclaimer, purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel — the price to you is the same).

As full-disclosure, I work as a full-time Microsoft employee.


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  1. Get Office for Free as a Student or Teacher – get started at


  3. Hej, i have a question. I will graduate and my student e-mail will be deactivated after a while. Will i still be able to make use of the office 365 package?

  4. I have a school account, and also I have license for Office 365 student pack. Problem is when I click install office from it's redirect to go in my portal. When I see my portal I don't see any option for download Office 365 Pc apps but I have license I checked it. Only download option for mobile apps. what can I do?

  5. I was using office 365 free monthly installments. After the payment of Rs.5,299. What can be done to get this back? Plz.. help me bro..

  6. Hi when I try to downlaod the apps it doesnt have an option it just says install softwares when I click it all I can download is Skype and Apps on my phone I need it to be downloaded on my desktop as when I click word or powerpoint links from my school website it still says i need to buy it.

    If there's a way I can download it or get school link to open on the website pls help

  7. I didn't even have the desktop version… So instead, I only have the web version which is literally the same thing as a free account which anyone can create

  8. Hello! I have watch your video… Actually i am trying to work on office 365 online… Our University is already a part of Microsoft program… I am already signed in…but in the end i don't received any verification email from Microsoft and unable to reach at particular window that contain MS office products

  9. you didnt get any views because its the 5th time you do the same thing, who would've ever see THAT comming

  10. I received :Your school needs to sign up first

    Your school is eligible for Office 365 Education. Before you can use it, an admin or someone from your technology team needs to sign up.

    If your school is getting started with distance learning, you can check with your technology team for an update.

  11. Can you explain "You currently have not been assigned an Office license that includes the Office desktop apps. Contact your admin for more information about how to get Office for your organization. " this thing? cant we use office for free?

  12. Damn! My son's school doesn't partake in the free program so paying for Office but see that he could use it for free. Wish I'd seen this earlier

  13. What about when you sign your student up, and then it gives them "You don't meet the minimum age requirement."

  14. when i hit install office, it takes me to, but the only download avaible is Skype for Bussiness…
    how do i proceed from here? whats wrong?

  15. Students this is not "free" unless your school has a organization wide subscription, especially the full desktop edition. Office 365 A1 is free. However, the full suite for up to 5 devices (desktop apps) often referred to as Office 365 ProPlus is a student benefit only to those organizations that pay for it.


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