iKBC KD104 MX Silent Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review


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Today we check out what I think is a great all round keyboard for office use.

Rhinofeed’s video on fixing rattly stabilisers :

As usual, all keyboards are already opened and tested for a period of time, and then repacked for the unboxing.

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  1. I'm back into full swing. I haven't answered any emails for the last while over the break. So I'll be working to get back to everyones messages.

    I also should have had more emphasis on the importance of lubing the stabilisers. If you are not willing to lube them, then it wouldn't make sense as a 'silent' keyboard.

  2. I just got my Varmilo Silent Red – hate it. I wanted to return to Varmilo, and they didn't let me to. The silent red on your IKBC feels completely different from the one that I have on Varmilo. The key switches were super tight and heavy as though I am typing on MX Black… 🙁

  3. Lovely aesthetic, great review. Still loud af imo, but that’s mechanicals. I’ll stick to my browns, have a k70RGB with browns, orings, superlube and replacement double shot white keys; absolutely love it. PS, superlube is mega expensive in the UK, dunno what it’s like in Oz.

  4. just grab some super lube from your local hardware store for like 2 USD and put it on them stabs. EZ. Done. You're good to go!

  5. Hi I was wondering if I can do the same you did with the LED's in my Gigabyte gk force k83, as it seems to have the same Red switches but I don't know if the PCB board allows it.. hope anyone here knows if I could do it

  6. To me the perfect office kb would be a realforce, quiet, looks quite generic, just like this board, only downside is that if you buy one your bank won't like you.


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