IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) Reaction


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  1. We… IU fans… dont only love her for her looks, like you apparently do. I’m sorry, that comment you made just got in my nerves a lot. Yes she is pretty. But she wrote 98% of the lyrics on this song, created that beautiful melody that you all seem to love, sang and the video was a look inside HER head not Suga’s. Happy to see you enjoying her music, it’s just that when I see guys only commenting on a girls looks and how his been “missing out” solely based on that, it gets it me. You did comment on Sugas great rap and producing skills, but for IU, her looks was all. I’m baffled.

  2. Out of all reaction vids that I've watched, I still watch yours and your still the best💜 I watch all your vids since 2015.

  3. Please react to some osts of her 2 shows (if you didn’t know she’s also an actress)
    hotel del luna – can you see my heart
    Scarlet heart – will be back & forfeiting you

    Also her songs: Love poem, Blueming, BBIBBI, Ending scene, Through the night, our happy ending

  4. lol not a space theme, its about memories that were forgotten and this thing is like an mir machine but for downlaoding memeories

  5. Liking this song more and more. Hope you are enjoying Hawaii. Been here over two years and its a great place to be.

  6. Please react to boy group Golden Child – “WANNABE” and “Without You”. These songs have their own unique, and their voices have their own charm. You will not regret.💥💥💥💥💥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. English translation

    "So are you happy now

    Finally happy now are you

    “Still the same” what?

    I feel like I have lost everything

    Everything comes as it pleases and then leaves without any greeting

    I don’t want to love anything this way

    I travel in the tattered memories

    We’re orange under the sun

    Dancing together with no silhouette

    No planned farewell

    We meet at the once beautiful memories

    Forever young


    Forever we young


    If this is the nightmare it is, I will never ever wake up

    Island, yeah it’s an island here, a small island we each made

    Yeah, uhm, forever young, the word “forever” is a sand castle

    Separation is like a disaster warning text message

    Spend the morning with yearning

    Passing this eternity

    (We shall/must) for sure meet again at this island

    Like the passing words of someone that comforted me

    Forgetting even only a hand span of memories is not easy

    Even as time passes

    Forever at the place that has me in its grip

    We’re orange under the sun

    Dancing together with no silhouette

    No planned hello

    We meet at the once beautiful memories

    We pillow our heads on each other’s arms

    And share stories that aren’t sorrowful

    No sad ending

    I will always meet you in this memory

    Forever young


    Forever we young


    If this is the nightmare it is, I will never ever wake up"

    *sumpah gw baca liriknya nangiss dong betapa berartinya arti sahabat huhuhu apa lagi gw langsung keinget sama Sulli eonnie😢😭




  8. Can you please do a reaction to Flowering by LUCY? They are a new group similar to The Rose and Day6 and their song is so beautiful

  9. I heard this song in the morning too, but i was bawling my eyes out.
    This song is really sad, makes me realize that loosing someone important is really sad.

  10. this song tells of a friend of IU who had died, Sulli because IU cried maybe miss Sulli sulli rides a dragon animal IU on the plane


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