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  1. 2017 Marketing Bullies: YouTube, Pinterest, iTunes, Apple, are marketing bullies! Forcing advertisements on viewers. Setting it up to be nearly unseeable to use their aps unless you give them your information. Information that they sale, profit off of, and or give away. Paying iTunes for music that’s been around before iTunes ever existed?

    Most of these Bullies require our cash, endures mandatory marketing interruptions, and that we give our information at no cost to them. Forced marketing at its best on YouTube is such- Where we all pause our enjoyment to wait for an advertiser that wants our money to market to us. Like a mean big sister, babysitting you while
    Mom is away. sister: “You can’t watch your movie until you clean my room and do all of my chores.” It is unfair and when the parents get home that type of unfair treatment doesn’t stand. Same as YouTube saying if you want to watch the rest of this video you must give me your attention, thoughts, Mind, and time, they don’t seem to care about your enjoyment, only wanting your money, information, and hopefully your belief in them and their eager to bully clients. Clients that are more than ready to force you to see their products. Really ridiculous, lacking intelligence, dumb, idiotic. Bang…. dead wrong! Ethically even moreso “wrong” to me with Youtube being the leader of their type of online services offered. Where people can only watch certain videos on their particular site because they are the leader and it is where our society goes to first.
    Apps taking advantage of the whole population to generate and or increase their revenue have now disgusted me.
    It’s paper with some drawing in it, for that people do the stupidest stuff sometimes. I mean how long before you all thought someone would notice and call you bullies out on your Greediness? Far enough
    Forced Marketing someone needs a class in Ethics! Right down to the consumers purchasing the ads, aggressive marketing, is one thing but for an app/website dominating its market to force it or no video for you, is Wrong! Especially when some videos can
    only be found on Youtube, where even if you pay to skip ads this forced marketing and solicitations still occur. I want to know who is head of Marketing for youtube and the job seekers websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Career Builder, ect? Because I do not understand why insurance, credit repair, colleges, pharmacy reps ect think it the or a wise marketing strategy to market to an unemployed person applying for a job in the first place. I mean come on, I can think of many effective categories of people to market to. The first that comes to mind is someone with a job and money! Harassing calls, text, and emails, back to back. Oh marketing degree holding directors of strategic marketing for online information collecting, and advertisements, what has that degree really taught you? Clearly, not much. However, how to bully market you get an A+. Business owners, experience is more than a paper saying I can do it from a college. High value to me would be reference backing marketing experience that shows I have, I am, and I can. I would never do business with any of the businesses that are buying the forced ads even! It’s like the marketing educated higher uppers went down to dumb and dumbers. Why is majority just accepting this. Yuck! Why must I pay itunes for a song that was out long before itunes ever thought I’d existing? Did they go and buy up
    All the songs from being of time, like
    Hitler and his hoarding of art painting??? On top
    Of that they are collecting and sharing my info for free, while demanding access to my bank info. Apple-iPhone went even farther, requiring that my bank have a current balance to download a free app from itunes??? Why iTunes and Apple , are you checking my balance if I’m not actually buying anything!?? Is that in the fine print agreement? Oh yes, that is right… information collectors. Bill collectors don’t have anything on the aggressive touch these online marketing information vipers have touched our very history and future with. Someone tell me where this is beneficial at all whatsoever to me or you? I am aware and I see the blatant advantage being taken here of the people and just won’t stand for it. The consumers unwisely advertising with the YouTubes of today will NOT get my business. Primarily, because my activity and my enjoyment is stoped in order to continue I MUST watch an advertisement? I’m already giving my information and paying my cash, NOW I gotta stop and watch you ask for my business with phycological tactics. At least come out and just ask for my money up front! Grow some balls bullies! Even the people buying the ads here should know better. It's one thing to flash at the bottom of a page, it's another to go this route. iphone, itunes, and Apple giving you freedom to opt out… BS! I attempted to secure my information and limit what I shared and the outcome was pretty simple. My iphone apps were like the power had been turned off over the globe. I could not down load a free app from the App Store on my iPhone with out putting my bank information back into my phone. It just would not work without a bank card that had actual cash in an account at that, BUT I WASN’T BUYING ANYTHiNG! I also, could not utilize most apps without tracking -location being on. And why do I want Siri to learn from me? Why word it as if she a person? Who actually gets all this info ? I really want to know. Who all can access it? I really won’t and demand to know! Now why would
    I have to
    have a monetary balance on the card that I have linked to
    My I tunes? If I’m not buying anything? Opting out really isn’t an option. Not when opting out of shared information, location, ect. You can opt out sure, you just will be technology opted out also. I have read some of the agreements they are long and not written for the normal viewers complete understanding. Basically, we pay for music on iTunes, give them our information for free, endure their forced marketing as a norm, and allow more marketers and advertisers to contact us when our collected info if sold or given
    away. There must be standards set. Ethics! Where is the info going? You all need new marketing staff! Something! The owners need to stand on morals or wave goodbye with the changing tide! why must we pay three times over for something that was around before the YouTubes and I phones? A song? I have a resolution. I have an resourceful app that helps our species learn anything they want to learn, no forced advertisements and no monopoly type system to govern all. It is called Evolve. I would be more than happy to share my ideas with those that are searching, or interested not in greed but in a new world a more simple, satisfying experience for all. There are many questions I have. Many ridiculousness that I see to be made right for the simple right of it all! Resolution is always in my hand 🤚🏼. #LeahStar

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