Microsoft Visio 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]


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00:00 Intro
00:52 How to Start, Workspace
01:42 Page Layout
02:15 The Objects
02:57 The Shapes
04:21 Drawing Aids
04:58 The Connectors and Connection Points
06:28 Manage Shapes and Connectors
07:53 Shape Formatting
08:58 Adding Text
09:52 The Stencils
10:26 Importing Files
11:15 Saving, Exporting
12:13 Printing

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  1. If I want to buy my own copy of Visio, but im a network engineer who uses vendor stencils… Can I use Standard or do I need Professional? I'm a really simple user… Insert stencils, lines, and text boxes… Will standard work for me?

  2. Thank you. Would you know of any tutorials – or even notes – explaining the degree to which one can nest various descriptive 'pictures', tables, charts, application notes, and other data for greater nested atomistic detail?

  3. I used an older version of visio to make detailed shop drawings for door and millwork at my work, my employer upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and visio 2019. I do not need shapes or templates, i just need to make detailed dimensioned drawings. Can i do that with this version? Please help.

  4. Hello bai, good video thanks for it! I have a question, u know if it's possible to create a strencil which if it changes it produce a change in all documents that depends of it?
    Thanks again

  5. I can't stand with this visio 2016 and 2019 poor in colors interface, it's like there is no separation between differents areas, there is praticaly a single gray color for backgrounds , and one dark gray colors for lines of seperations plus the shadow on the drawing sheet was removed….

  6. ms visio 2010 its a best version of visio! ms office 2010 its a best office!
    why i need to se this f***ing animation??? i want to work! if i want to watch animation im goto play games! omg my eyes!


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