Office 2019 Home and Student


One simple download on one computer allows you access to the four classic applications from Microsoft. Back up download is supported in case you have a tech emergency or last minute pc crash.
Adds convenience to your schoolwork, giving you more time to enjoy yourself. Upgraded features focus on efficiency and intuitive layout.

Easily allows you to share your content, making it easier to handwork in or share with classmates you’re collaborating with.

One time purchase, which saves you money. No monthly subscription fee means you have less to keep track of.

Work with your classmates, without being face to face. Work at your own pace, or simultaneously.

Share notes and brainstorm by sharing through OneNote, and make coordination for team projects easy and efficient.

Wow your class with a PowerPoint presentation that includes updated templates, themes, transitions, and animations.

Being a student is a tough time for many people, so Microsoft wants to make it easier for you. With Office 2019 Home Student, you’ll be able to access all of the classic applications that will help you succeed in school and achieve your goals. The upgraded features are designed to help you get through your school assignments faster, easier, and end up with a more polished end product.

With one simple download, you’ll have access to the four classic applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. These applications are easy to use, and also add convenience to your schoolwork as well.


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  1. Does 2019 office WORD .docx installed on windows 10 let me open the old Word .doc documents to read and edit?


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