OfficeSuite Pro 7 – Everything You Need to Know!


OfficeSuite Pro 7 just released an update and with it came a whole bunch of new features. We’ve outlined them for you so you can know what to expect!

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  1. Are there any word apps where I can add a page number? I'm a college student and need mla format, this and office 8 is useless to me because of this

  2. Anyone know how to make any background fill changes? One option is inserting image and stretching it all the way and then sanding to back (order), but there must me a legit way to do it. Didn`t find anything on net.

  3. so can you fucking save powerpoints on an android tablet, or do you have to store them in the cloud? how do you put files onto the device? can you use USB?

  4. Can this open and edit word documents without online access? Also how is the formatting when going between android and pc?

  5. I've been using for ages, except I only use it to open files, using tablets or phones to work on office stuff is still very crappy :S.

  6. OfficeSuite Pro 7 has gotten an update
    It's a huge one and we want to tell you all about it. Check out the video below or the written article here: for more details!

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