Updates on my new office with some renovations/additions. Enjoy the VLOG!

All my vlogging equipment –
Camera #1-
Camera #2 –
Main phone –
Main lens –
Main microphone –
The ring light –
External harddrive –
Memory card –
Laptop #1 (MacBook) –
Laptop #2 (MacBook) –
My iPad Pro –
My iPhone stand –
MacBook pro dongle connector –
Headphones –
$279 TV –
Favorite protein powder –
Favorite energy drink –
Favorite shoes –
Office chair –
Laptop bed stand –
My favorite wallet – B07XDQ96CK
Large format sticky notes –
Lumbar support pillow –
Favorite tire shine –
Favorite Car Wash Supplies –

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-Spencer Berke


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  1. Yoooooooooo. Hope you guys had a great week. Here's a catch up Vlog talking about a bunch of stuff I had done to my office plus some plans. Thanks to my room mate @ThatGibbs for helping me paint the place. Did a TON of new stuff today, so more videos soon. Car content coming as well 🙂 Car is getting unwrapped right now and wrapped a new color. Much love YouTube family!!! -SB

  2. Spencer, so inspiring. You're a true do-er man! You just keep going for it, relentless. Very inspiring to watch especially in these quarantine mode. How'd you choose Irvine to relocate your business?

  3. Wow we don’t need a play by play of your day. Painting is the title. Weakest way to get hits off clickbate.

  4. Don’t name the video “painting walls matte black” when you 1) spend all of 30 seconds showing it and 2) do a fucking miserable job at it

  5. Oh my god I don't know why you guys don't have like 20 million subs!!!
    This is an absolutely INCREDIBLE video!!!
    15 minutes of PURE JOY watching you paint a wall black!!!
    Fuck Dan Bilzerian….I'm watching you guys from now on!!!


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