Playing The Godfather Video Game


I Play The Godfather Game For The First Time! We create a Character & Meet the Corleone Family! This Game is Fantastic!

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Playing Mafia 1 For The First Time Ever

Mafia 2 Original VS Remaster Comparison | Mafia 2 Definitive Edition

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They have very kindly given me permission to use their Tardis VFX


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  1. I played this through to completion on the PS2 back in the day and I enjoyed it immensely. 😁 👌

    Admittedly I bought the game not very long after watching the film trilogy on DVD which are bloody fantastic films in my humble opinion. 😄 👍 👍

    Cheers! 🍻

  2. I like the gameplay loop, this and Scarface took the then burgeoning open world genre and trimmed the fat so that the city was basically a gamified racing circuit. It made late game progression very meta and satisfying as you got faster, richer and more powerful even if it was simplistic.

    In retrospect the combat is very crunchy too so wiping out hordes of goons can be fun.

  3. Goddamn I wish they made more games like the godfather 1 and 2. 2 of the best games I've ever played especially based on a movie

  4. Dude this graphics hit me hard back in that time, it was the end of ps2 and it was showing the best it can do

  5. When he said "take a joke why dont you". Something about that lit a spark in my brain cause When i played this I was like 7 and that was the first time I'd ever heard that saying lol

  6. The Scarface game was definitely really fun.
    Kind of basic but it sort of set the formula for a bunch of similar games
    But the music and cars were sweet

  7. For anyone interested, get in touch with me and i can sell you a limited amount of The Don's Edition (disc version)for this game for a reasonable price!!

  8. My absolute most favorite game of all time. I’d love to see this remastered as they did resident evil 2 & mafia 2. Sadly won’t happen but one can dream 😭

  9. are you using a controller or game pad ? i wanna play this game on my laptop but using the mouse and keyboard is difficult imo

  10. It'd be cool to see you play Scarface once you're done with this and perhaps 2 if you wanted as well, I love these kinds of games

  11. Nice! I remember I performed mocap for the trailer of this back in '04!

  12. Do you have an option to play this game on PS3? It's the best version of this game.I love your videos <3 Greetings from Poland!

  13. This is awesome, I played this game a lot back in the days, where did you get this pc version copy? I'd really like to play it again 😀

  14. This was my top game when i was growing up spent a lot of my years playing this game over and over again lol


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