Sales Promotion Activities


List out commonly used sales promotional activities.

Sales promotion, often called as below-the-line activities, refers to the activities or short-term incentives that are used to encourage the customers to purchase a product or service. The following are the most commonly used sales promotion activities.
– Consumer Promotions: These are targeted towards final buyers and include
– Appearance of Celebrities in the store, In-store sampling, demonstrations
– Bonuses, multi-packs, On-pack offers
– Competitions, coupons, sweepstakes, games
– Display material near the point of sale
– Loyalty reward programs.
– Business Promotions: These are targeted towards business customers and include
– Capability documents
– Conference Presentations
– Direct mail campaigns and telemarketing
– Event Sponsorship
– News Letters
– Seminars and workshops
– Tradeshow display
– Trade Promotions: These are targeted towards retailers and wholesalers and include
– Bonus stock
– Competitions
– Corporate entertainment
– Reseller staff incentives
– Reward incentives linked to purchases or sales
– Sales Force Promotions: These are targeted towards members of the sales force and include
– Awards or prizes after sales competitions
– Back to top
– Commissions

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  1. Transferring money directly to consumers account for him/her to buy product of the marketplace, will be sales promotions? Are there any limitations, like need of generating bills for money transferred or total amount in financial year like if we are transferring 500 INR(Cost of product) to 400 people and more.


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