Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary. Part 3


English vocabulary with pictures and audios for different stationery, school and office supplies.
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Vocabulario de Oficina en inglés. Elementos de una oficina. Útiles escolares en inglés
Vocabulaire anglais – Le bureau.
Канцелярия и школьные принадлежности на английском. Английский словарь.
Material de escritório em inglês.
Englisch fuer Buero und Schule. Englisches Vokabular.
Szkoła, biuro. Angielski słownik.
In ufficio e scuola. Vocabolario inglese
Канцелярія і шкільне приладдя англійською. Англійський словник.

Meaning: Stationery and office supplies are any writing materials that are needed in offices, home, school, such as paper, envelopes, pens, ink etc.
You will learn: the meaning, image, pronunciation and spelling of:
bankers box, calculator, calendar, card catalog, clipboard, compass, construction paper, copy paper, desk organizer, drawer organizer, drawing board, index card, paper tray, paper trimmer, pencil holder, pinboard, protractor, rubber stamp, ruler, scissors, set square, trash can and whiteboard.

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