The Best SMMA Proposal Template To Land Clients In 2019


In this video I’m going to share with you the best smma proposal template to land clients in 2019. This exact proposal strategy has doubled my close rate recently. Check this out 👇🏻


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  1. Greetings Unathi here from South Africa. I have an idea that change the way we both the department of transportation services work. It's a software and app Idea. My problem is that I have no experience with software development. How then do I go about getting the idea across the relevant people and land them as clients?

  2. after the meeting do you send an agreement for legal purposes? Or do you then do the proposal document with a spot for e-signature?

  3. I send a client a proposal and he took it and ignored me forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was awful! Like some business owners are dicks

  4. Great information, thank you for sharing. You have some fine print on the investment slide which is covered by the video. Is it possible to see it?

  5. Great video. I had a question… Another youtuber consultant mentioned some software that can be used for the 'discovery' phase. Is that a waste of resources? It seems that you are doing fine without it?

  6. Would be nice to have more of a price breakdown based on "What you can do for them" vs. those titles.

  7. Man it's a rough week for me now, I just wanna ask you what kind of clients should I contact and how will I make em trust and hire me…pls

  8. Saw this a few days ago, yep, like it and stole the idea for 'presenting' the proposal. Will see how it goes in a week.

  9. Thanks for the value. How are you even getting them interested to get on a Discovery Call? Are you doing a video audit? I do cold email outreach. What would you recommend? Thanks

  10. My friend showed this to me and I'm going to test it out on a client call tomorrow! 🙂 Will report back

  11. Great video! I've never thought to create a slide deck to present a proposal. Does this work for small clients with budgets of $500 – $10,000?

  12. I plan to start marketing agency. Thank you for this great video. Please bring more of such videos. Personally I am looking to learn: agency niche vs agency general, how agencies do bookkeeping, agency process from leads to clients to delivery (including tools used), pricing services and how to get recurring revenue, social media management for client – what does that include (creating images in canva/promo republic, scheduling, what if we not familiar with industry), any social listening/ brand monitoring? Once again for great videos.

  13. Hey mate, great video. I like the structure of your meetings. But don't you think it's better to close them in 1 meeting? What are your views on that?

  14. After you show them the deck, you get them to sign the contract immediately? Or do you still send some sort of proposal?

  15. Dylan, you hit the "nail on the head" with this one! I can't count how many times I've been through this, with a prospect. Thanks for the enlightenment. 😎


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