The Future of Microsoft Project is Here! Introducing the new Microsoft Project for the web


The new Microsoft Project is here! Join us to discover how the new Microsoft Project for the web, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, can help your teams be more collaborative to drive successful business outcomes. Through the Microsoft 365 platform with Microsoft Teams and the OnePlan solution, the organization can work more flexibly to obtain greater value at every level of Project work – from individual teams to enterprise wide project, programs and portfolios.

Join us to learn how the new Microsoft Project for the web fits within the bigger picture of Microsoft 365. In this webinar, we will be demonstrating how PowerApps, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI, combined with the new Microsoft Project experience and OnePlan can change the way your teams work in the future.


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  1. I have to say that Microsoft's communication on the new plans for Project and methods of delivery has been utterly abysmal. For months Microsoft has been marketing "The New Project" to me. I've had e-mails and adverts prior to youtube videos. I've seen what looks like a full screen app with a new look and new features to replace the old versions. So I speak to my licensing co-ordinator at work and they get me the "New Project" which doesn't look like any of the marketing materials and looks almost identical to Project 2016. Only to be told after speaking to our Microsoft rep (who took 40 minutes to come up with an answer) that the installed app is, as I thought, a minor incremental upgrade to Office 2016 and the "new" project is the web based version. Really really poor.

  2. It's nice to see the Board capability included. Can it be integrated with Planner so that it is accessible to a Teams team?

  3. How do we define the Non- working days in Web version of Office365 Microsoft Project? I can see its even including Weekends too as Working days

  4. How does the integration with Teams work? I am trying out the new Project, but cannot link to it it via Teams. Is there a special Tab app that you used?


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