this video is sponsored by polestar. thank you so much for having us at your incredible offices !
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we traveled back to the sweden, a.k.a. the mother land to visit polestar and check out their dream MINIMALIST offices in gothenburg ! this is some serious office space inspiration, with interior design specially designed to make you work both better and smarter – getting more productive, creative, and focused.

you’re not supposed to feel at home here, you’re supposed to feel super motivated to work and create !

i talk about :
– the polestar offices in gothenburg !
– a dream minimalist office !
– clean, scandi design !
– interior design making you work harder ?
– kiwi the office dog !
– a hot desk situation !
– dress code at a minimalist office ?
– polestar’s vision for interior design !
– would i like to work here ?
– furniture for minimalists ?
– a vegan car ?!


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love // jenny

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  1. This place looks so calm. Usually offices are so cluttered and loud. I really like this one.

  2. I work in a hot seat office. You don't feel settled, the spaces are filthy because there isn't any ownership, no privacy, looks good on YouTube, not good for work

  3. "it's not supposed to feel like home but sharpens the mind?" If I'm spending most of my time here, I want my cubical or office space (which they don't have) to feel like home. I want to have MY Space with personal items, color, pics, and personality. This is not it

  4. Great vid but I just have one question. Where can I find the music playing in the background of the end of the video?

  5. Looks like every shared services office everywhere. Except they do it to save money, not to look posh. Also hotdesking is proven to alienate staff and work against creating good atmosphere and efficient working. So no, I wouldn't want to work there, because I already works there and it feels both like prison and a place you can be fired from anytime.

  6. I couldn't share my desk with anyone else. I like to have mine personalized and organize my PC files my own way. having to get a different PC most of the time will just bring confusion IMO

  7. I would die there. Well, I'm really not an office person but still, I need a space where I can be free to be messy.


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