Transistors, How do they work ?


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The invention of transistors revolutionized human civilization like no other technology. This video demonstrates working of a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) with it’s practical applications such as transistor as an amplifier and as a switch with help of animation. Along with transistor working of diode is also explained in the video. The video covers following topics – structure of Silicon atom, doping, N type doping, P type doping, working of Diode, working of NPN transistor and dual stage amplification.

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  1. 2:39 The CC setting (subtitles) tell 'inside' instead of 'n-side'.

    I know it's a negligible issue, but just in case if any one (new to this topic) got confused.

  2. Too me it just looks like you’re combining the power of the two sources rather than actually amplifying anything.

  3. So, electrons flow through the wires… And how do they charge a capacitor with DC current and how do they keep a MOS-FET open? Cause that is another kind of capacitor… What is the speed of an electron through a wire? What energy is needed to snatch an electron from the atom structure?
    Man, you have no idea of what is electricity! Let a physicist talk about this stuff.


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