Work From Home Office Tour – Workspace + Desk Update 2020


Take a tour of my work from home office.
👨🏻‍💻 Check out my previous setup from 2019:
🧹 Watch my organization process video:

If you want detailed photos and a breakdown of what’s in the space, I’ve made a blogpost about my workspace here 🏠:

If you’re interested in anything you’ve seen here, I’ve left affiliate links below. With your purchases through these links, I’ll get a very small commission at no extra cost to you. This will help me immensely to continue to make videos like this. 🙏 Thanks.

🗄 Storage + Organization
Besta Storage Unit:
Snaptoggle Screws to Mount Storage:
Neat Filing Cabinet:
File Folders:
Filing Tabs Organizer:
Pegboard Accessories:
Ikea Alex drawers:
White Shelves:
Short Shite Shelves:
Plastic Drawer Dividers:
Divider Box:
Overhead Storage Bins:

🖥 Desk & Tech
MacBook Pro 16″:
Dell Ultrasharp 34 Inch Monitor:
Monitor Arm:
Extra Monitor Arm:
Twelve South Vertical Stand:
MacBook Hub:
3M Command Strips:
Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse:
Logitech MX Keys:
Felt Grovemade Mousepad:
Audioengine A2+ Speakers:
Speaker Stands:
AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones:
Countdown Screensaver:

Phillips Hue Bridge:
Phillips Hue Play Lights:
Phillips Hue Smart bulbs:
Phillips Hue Bridge:
Phillips Hue Go:
Fado Dome Light:

📷Video Conference Setup
Inspired by Caleb Pike @DSLR Video Shooter :
Magewell Adapter:
TRRS Splitter:
Audio Cable:
DSLR Camera:
Camera Lens:
Tripod Extender:
Camera Ballhead:
Screw Adapters:
HDMI Cable:
RODE Videomic Pro + Microphone:
Manfrotto Articulated Arm:

💺 The Chair
Lino Chair by Herman Miller:

📽 Camera Gear Used to Shoot this

🎧 Do you like the music in this video? It’s all from the Epidemic Sound library. Use my link to get your first 30 days for free:

🖼 Artwork
Most of the Posters are from Mondo:
Gandhi Poster by Robbie Conal:

🖌 Wall Paint
Satin Black by Behr

Everything listed, including the organizational bits, are listed on my Kit Page:

Hello. I’m Matthew Encina. I’m the Chief Content Officer at The Futur and a Creative Director at Blind. I’m a Filipino-American. Born and raised in LA. I studied Graphic Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. I’ve been a creative professional for over 15 years directing, designing, and animating for some pretty awesome clients.

I love to rock climb, breakdance, train in combat sports, play video games, drink coffee, and nerd out on video games and comic books.

You can find me on many platforms:
Instagram (Workspace Aesthetics):
Instagram (Creative Projects & Thoughts):
The Futur:

It’s nice to meet you.
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  1. Detailed photos and a breakdown of what's in the space, on my blog 👉

  2. Hey Matthew! Firstly great job on your work space videos, I love the minimalist approach and your organisation is spot on. I really like the cable anchor/weight you use in one of your videos (cant remember which one) – can you please share a link to it? I also love the Macbook stand and have not seen anything like it over here in London!

  3. Thank you so much for such a beautiful setup. I am looking for a basic set up that can include Light, mic with tripod. I do not have space to install a table. Please help. Thank you

  4. @Matthew , Thank you for making this amazing video. I am interested in watching a separate video about your organization system for all of your tools and gear, so please go ahead and make the video.

  5. Loved every second of the video. Does the table top wobble ? I need a desk setup for drawing and recording overhead video. An answer would be really helpful 🙂

  6. "3:18"
    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  7. Thank you for your video. I found it very helpful. I would like to know the company and model of your monitor arm. Thanks.

  8. Awesome!
    But how do you change between your PC to your macbook using the same Monitor, keyboard and mouse?

    My monitor does not have USB insert capabilities, where does your bluetooth keyboard and mouse connect to? Do i need to handle the reconnection everytime i connect my Macbook back to my monitor?

    I always want to switch from devices to devices with same gear at home.

    Many thanks.

  9. Loved seeing it. Creativity comes from being in the best of spaces, this looks like one. I need a space like this.

  10. What a thoughtful, helpful and inspiring video! You have a very clean and creative look to your workspace. Thank you for creating an educational video with calm music and a zen feeling to your thought process.

  11. Hey dude, don't show off, you are a lousy shot, even bill gates or zuckerberg don't owe fucking gears loke u. Check their workspace.

  12. hi all,
    can anyone tell me how to get the live countdown app on ios, mac os and win os as a screen saver or lock screen ?


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